Ladies! This Entire Week Is Dedicated To YOU!

It’s National Women’s Health Week! The wonderful people at the Office on Women’s Health have been designating the week of Mother’s Day (May 14-20 this year) as a time to remind women to make their health a priority for the past 18 years. Hooray! And for the 4th year in a row, I’m an Ambassador for NWHW! Hooray again!

As women, we are pretty great at multi-tasking but one of the things we tend to do is take care of literally everything else in our lives before ourselves. Whether you’re a student, a career woman, or a mom (or all of those things at the same time!) this week is the perfect time to schedule those annual wellness exams, evaluate what’s going on with you as far as stress and mental health go, and make sure you’re eating right and exercising.

Stress and mental health have both been a big topic of conversation for a lot of people lately, and they both seem to be things we don’t always think of in relation to our health. Stress can really take its toll on the heart, the brain, and our body, so if this is an area of concern for you, it’s important to discuss it with your doctor.

If you don’t currently have a doctor, or are in need of low/no cost healthcare, check out to find a facility near you. And if you’re looking for info on a wide variety of health related topics at any age, check out to find what you’re looking for. Celebrate the gift of life by keeping yourself healthy!

1 thought on “Ladies! This Entire Week Is Dedicated To YOU!

  1. Anne, Thank You for always being this Ambassador and advocate for healthy women. I’m currently in need of some mental healthcare (specifically marriage counsel), but your post is a great reminder for me to cover my other girly stuff. I should get on that!

    Thanks. 🙂

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