Somebody To Love

This morning, as I sipped my coffee while seated next to my rescue pup, who was sprawled out on my sofa occupying way more space than anyone should require, I opened my email and started reading.

One email was from a woman who works for a company where they help people find a match with a puppy. She said she “came across my site today and thought [I ] would be a perfect fit for a project [she] is currently working on.” Since I love animals and I do talk about it frequently,  I was intrigued and kept reading.

The project is promoting “Love Your Pet Day” on February 20th and they wanted to provide me a graphic from their company for my site in support of this “holiday.” I looked up their company to see exactly what they do.

I’m not sure if she came across my site at Tumblr, which is called “Rescue Pets Are Awesome” and features heart-warming stories from people around the world who have done everything from finding stray puppies abandoned along snowy roads that they rescued, finding kittens that were thrown away in a dumpster that they cared for and found great homes for, or simply adopting a pet from a shelter. Or if they found me on this site, where I talk about all of the work I do with Pasadena Humane Society to help stray animals find their forever homes, and have shared my own stories of finding animals that I’ve fostered and found homes for. All I know is that company is a service that matches people with puppies; puppies from breeders.


So, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of this really amazing holiday coming up on February 20th called “Love Your Pet Day.” If you have a pet, you probably already love the hell out of it every single day and don’t need someone to remind you to do so. And if you don’t have a pet but have been thinking of getting one, please support this holiday by going to a shelter or to an adoption event near you and give the gift of being a family to one of the thousands of animals who are eagerly waiting to go to their forever home. You will both be so happy you did.


1 thought on “Somebody To Love

  1. Ya know, Anne, you really ARE the Best Advocate for rescues, and I can’t (well, yeah, I actually can) believe that a breeder would try to recruit your efforts without doing ANY due diligence. Stupids.

    I love my furbabies EVERY day (like you said, I’m going to wait for one day a year?). I rescued them from my neighbor, who had rescued them from their feral mom, who was probably only gone hunting so she’d be able to feed her litter. The neighbor’s heart was in the right place, but he removed them from their birthplace too soon, and most of the litter died while in his care. He just didn’t know what he was doing. And he’s not a cat person. So when they adopted me, I think I may have rescued him as well!

    Whatever. My rescues are my life, and if I lived in a larger space, I’d probably rescue more. I’ll keep promoting posts I see, though, so others can find the joy and love that we have!

    Thank you for all that you do for the furry ones.

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