Monthly Archives: November 2017

Change Is Good!

In October, I wrote a post full of info on my first book that’s about to come out. YAY! But then some new things have come up that I thought I should share with you now that some changes have been made. YAY!

After much consideration, I decided it would be best to not try and handle all the shipping of books myself. Doing so would either take me away from being out promoting it, or cause a delay in shipping because I was away promoting it. Also, if there were any issues with someone’s order (getting lost in the mail or a shipment arriving damaged) I didn’t feel I could offer timely customer service in handling the situations as they inevitably would come up. I looked into some options, and decided to go with BlackBox, the distribution company the guys from Cards Against Humanity created, because they offer affordable shipping and incredible customer service. Hooray!

One thing BlackBox does not offer is doing pre-orders on items they plan to ship for people. I was originally planning to offer pre-orders through my website for the whole month of December and then ship them myself early January, but now the books will just become available for immediate order and shipping all at the same time in mid-January. Hooray for not complicating things!

Lastly, I was recently on The Great Big Beautiful Podcast if you’d like to hear about all kinds of stuff in my life, like the time my ovary tried to kill me earlier this year, choosing to raise kids out of the spotlight, and all about how I was able to turn my book idea into an actual book!

Thanks for reading, for listening, and for being the kindness we need more of in the world.