With This Ring…

A little over 20 years ago, I became friends with a really awesome girl named Stephanie, who introduced me to Wil at her New Year’s party a year after I met her.  She had another friend at this party (who she had met while they were both doing a Charlie Brown play in 7th grade) named Damion, who I instantly liked. He was cute, incredibly funny and just the right amount of crazy goofball. Damion spent the next year after we met dating occasionally, telling us hilarious stories of his experiences but never really finding the right person for him. He finally did meet and fall in love with someone who was not only a tall, blonde haired, blue-eyed beauty on the outside, but a kind, caring, supportive and loving person on the inside. They balanced each other out perfectly.

Over the past 18 years, these two have supported each other in their careers, vacationed with family and friends, and purchased a home together. Now that they are approaching their 50’s, they decided to figure out retirement and estate planning. They have always been committed to each other in every sense of the word but on the legal side of things, their attorney suggested they get married because it will make things easier down the line with everything they have together.

They decided to make their commitment to each other legal and so today, they will exchange vows in a civil ceremony with Stephanie and her husband as witness. It always makes me so happy when two people find each other and get to share their lives together. So congratulations, Damion and Mike. It’s about damn time!!

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  1. congratulations, damion & mike! there is nothing more wonderful than looking into your partner’s eyes and saying “i do!” my husband and i are newlyweds at 50 and it’s FABULOUS!!”

  2. Same sex marriages have been legal in the UK since March this year. I went to a (hetero) wedding in July but the official definition of marriage read out by the registrar had changed from “between a man and a woman” to “between two people” which many guests later on commented was among of the best things we’d witnessed that day. Other than our friends/relatives getting married obviously.

  3. Congratulations to Damion and Mike! Thank goodness you can finally marry in our state and damnit, I think there is something in my eye! <3

  4. And this is why equality in marriage matters:

    “…on the legal side of things, their attorney suggested they get married because it will make things easier down the line…”

    I mean, yes, there are other reasons, too, obviously, but this right here is the crux of it for me. If rights weren’t tied to marriage, well, it would still suck to deny marriage to people who want to get married, but there are rights involved, so one can’t deny members of the population those rights just because someone somewhere thinks they’re icky (which, for the record, they aren’t).

  5. Congrats to the Happy Couple. Yes, legally being married makes the golden years easier for them to advocate for the other. But how nice to know they WANT to get married.

  6. Congratulations to Damion and Mike! I’ve had the privilege of officiating several same-sex marriages since it became legal in my state earlier this summer, and they have been some of the most emotional and celebratory ceremonies I’ve done.

  7. Made me cry too. Wonderful for Damion and Mike. I’m happy that obvious human rights are (albeit slowly) progressing.

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