For The Love Of Rescue Pets

For several years, Wil and I have supported and participated in the annual Wiggle Waggle Walk fundraiser for the Pasadena Humane Society. It’s their biggest fundraiser of the year, and it’s always held at the end of September. This walk attracts a few thousand people (and their pups) in support of everything PHS does for the 11 cities they service, for the care they provide to wildlife, and for domestic animals in need of shelter, medical treatment, and an opportunity to find a home. In just the month of August alone, PHS adopted out 374 cats! And when Houston was hit by a devastating hurricane, PHS was asked if they’d be willing to take in Texas shelter animals to make room for the lost and abandoned ones that were rescued locally (to which they said yes, but weren’t needed after all.) They also set up an emergency pet drop-off area at a local high school when a fire broke out in the nearby foothills, forcing hundreds of people with pets to evacuate. They provided safety and care for these animals until they could return home. This is why we do what we can to support them.

For over a year now, I have been working on a children’s book (of course, it involves animals) and over the last two months especially, I have been working on it with multiple people and making the final steps toward completing it. Yay! But the downside of that is I knew I wouldn’t have time to promote fundraising, and we won’t be able to actually participate in the walk itself this year because two of our good friends are getting married that day. We still wanted to support the actual fundraiser though, so we donated to the Punk Rock Rovers; a team that spends months putting together shows, events, and merchandise sales to raise money for PHS.

The Punk Rock Rovers are very close to their fundraising goal. If you’d like to help them reach their goal, you can go here to make a 100% tax deductible donation. Every dollar counts, so whether you’re able to skip a Starbuck’s one day to afford a donation, or you’re looking for a year-end deduction for your business, your support matters. The animals (and the Wheatons!) thank you for your generosity.


3 thoughts on “For The Love Of Rescue Pets

  1. I love al that you do for animals! On a side note, is there a way to subscribe to this blog, or do I just keep checking back for new ones?

  2. You’re an inspiration, Anne. I love all that you and Wil are able to do, not only for animals, but for all of us. I look forward to being able to do so much!

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