My husband is awesome

While I was out today taking care of important things, my husband set up my blog for me. As soon as I get home, I’ll start making actual posts, but until then … have you seen my awesome husband?

Check him out:

i feel strange but also good

Back off, everyone. He’s all mine. Also, he totally didn’t write this post. Honest. He swears.


49 thoughts on “My husband is awesome

      1. You can sign in with a Twitter account, and I think some others. The groovy thing about it is that it’s done through a plugin that allows Twitter to allow the blog to use your info, so there’s no passwords saved anywhere.

  1. Anne, everyone knows who your husband is. Don’t let him dominate this…he’s got his own blog. This is about you – your thoughts, your passions – you. I love that you and Wil have such an open and beautiful relationship, but you’re still your own person. Shine!

  2. Aw man! Now I can’t yell First! I have to yell 38th! Oh well Yay for blog and Yay the comments work!

  3. Then she’ll want to get those BIC pens “for her” that you can get on Amazon. Where will it end??

  4. Wil’s awesome for setting this up, and Anne is awesome because she’s a truly interesting and fun person, independent of Wil’s awesomeness.
    Knowing more about you guys makes me a better fan, and feel like I’m part of something pretty darn good.

    I will enjoy reading yet another blog! Huzzah! Many happy posts, Anne!

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