Here We Go!

About a month ago, Wil and I launched our new book, A Guide To Being A Dog by Seamus Wheaton. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is!dogs cover01

The book is compiled of silly tweets Wil wrote over the last year as if Seamus were giving advice on how to be a dog. I thought it would be really cute if Seamus said these things to our younger dog, Marlowe, seeing as how she is newer to our house. I then had our artist friend, Lar deSouza, illustrate it and it turned out SO CUTE. If you’d like a copy for yourself, they will be available through our foundation until October 20, 2015. We are donating the proceeds to the Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA and so far, it’s raised over $26,000 for them. Hooray!!

The other thing we thought would be really fun would be to host our very first charity event to support this new book release, along with some yummy extras that we love. At this event, attendees will be able to try w00tstout, the beer Wil collaborated on with Drew Curtis, Aisha Tyler, and Stone Brewing Company, and get to keep the adorable glass it’s served in that has a scaled-down version of Seamus’ paw print engraved on it. You’ll also get a copy of A Guide To Being A Dog by Seamus Wheaton with his PAWTOGRAPH (that’s right, I said that) because we had a stamp made of his paw print! Wil and I will sign it for you as well, if you’d like. The event will be held at Crossings Restaurant in South Pasadena where they will be serving all kinds of tasty Kobe beef sliders and fries for dinner (soak up that w00tstout, baby!) and ice cream sliders for dessert. SO MUCH YUM.

We are so excited to do this event (it was originally scheduled for September 22nd but due to a delay in receiving the books from the printer, we rescheduled to October 20th) and hope you can make it so we can hang out and have burgers and beer together. And the best part, proceeds from this event will be donated by Crossings to the Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA as well. Everyone wins! Information on the event can be found here.

Making this book and preparing to host an event has been so much fun to do. For those who are unable to attend but have ordered a book online, I am dropping off our first shipment of them today. Yay! We appreciate your patience while we’ve been setting this up. Our foundation does not have a staff, it’s just me and Wil and our dining room as our shipping department. No staff to pay means maximum funds available to support charities we love. Thank you for your donation and we hope you enjoy the book!