Talk About All The Things!

Turns out this week is a busy week of ALL THE THINGS for one Anne Wheaton. I was going to mention them via Twitter as they come up, but it also turns out that this week of ALL THE THINGS also involves me being in 3 different cities within a 4 days span, with a quick stop at home before heading off to a cruise, so it’s best I just post ALL THE THINGS here now.

Thing the first: I’ve known about this for about 4 months, and it has been KILLING me that I haven’t been able to talk about it. But I can spill the beans now because well, they already spilled said beans and so now I can do what I want with those beans.

Wait. Let me try that again.

Calgary Expo is happening this April. I had already planned to spend some quality time in the booth with Espionage Cosmetics, along with my super awesome friend, Bonnie Burton, to promote the VandalEyes nail wraps that Bonnie and I designed with Espionage, which I’m really looking forward to. But then something else happened…

An organizer for Calgary Expo contacted me because she knows how much I freakin’ LOVE Sharknado. For the first time, they will be having a Sharknado panel with Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, and they ASKED ME TO MODERATE IT.

I know you can’t see me, but I have the stupidest face of excitement on right now, and I’m jumping up and down. Trust me. It’s a little ridiculous. I know it’s not until April, but my excitement has already started and I will continue to be excited about this LONG after the panel has ended. I absolutely love everything about this crazy movie (the first and the second one, and now a THIRD is on the way OH BOY!) so I am beyond thrilled to do this. And I absolutely love everyone at Espionage Cosmetics and I love spending time with Bonnie, so this convention is already going to be 100% awesome. Well, 99% awesome because Wil can’t be there, but I will manage. *winky face*

Thing the second: I did a podcast with Wil last night. If you haven’t figured out by now, either on my blog or on Twitter, there is no mystery to me. I share stories that are bizarre, embarrassing, disgusting, and horrifying all the time. And now, you can hear them in podcast form! That’s either awesome or I’m sorry, take your pick. But you can listen to it here, so there’s that. We also talk about our charity foundation and the two eBay auctions we are doing this week of signed TableTop games we’re releasing in support of our foundation.

On to thing the third: I did a new episode of TableTop with Wil, Clare Kramer, and Bonnie Burton, which airs on the YousTubes this Thursday, January 22nd, on the Geek & Sundry channel. I’m not going to tell you what happened or who won, but I will tell you that I did a LOT of singing. We played a game called Geek Out, which our friend, Elisa Teague designed. A week from Thursday, January 29th, the gag reel for this episode will air. I haven’t seen the full episode or the gag reel, so I have no idea what to expect there, but I’m sure it’ll be good.

If you’ve read the post I put here or seen the PUPDATE posts I do on Twitter, you know about Lucy, the tiny, malnourished puppy I took in and fostered for 4 days before taking her up to Sacramento to live with my friend. My friend sends me photos of Lucy’s progress, both in being accepted by the other pets in her new home, as well as how much she has grown and filled out now that she’s getting regular feedings. She was so thin and bony when I took her in, and already seemed to be putting on weight in the 4 days with me. I took her to my vet for a check-up, scan for a microchip (none) and vaccines the day I got her. Other than the obvious signs of needing food, this little 5 pound puppy, who the vet estimated at 3 months old, was healthy and would be just fine. My friend has had her for 6 weeks now, and Lucy is up to 19 pounds. Now that Lucy is healthy and growing at a normal rate, the vet thinks her age was over-estimated when originally found. She thinks she was actually just barely 6 weeks old when I got her. It breaks my heart to know that tiny, young little pup was wandering alone. But knowing she was that young, it makes sense that she became so attached to me so quickly. I wrote about her here if you want to read that story. In any case, after attending w00tstock in San Francisco this Thursday, I’m going over to Sacramento on Friday to spend the weekend with Lucy…er…to see my friend and visit with her….not just for the dog. *GIANT WINKY FACE* I’m sure I will take a million pictures of Lucy and post them on Twitter, so keep an eye out for PUPDATES if you want to see how much she has grown.

Thing the fourth: Wil and I are going on a super awesome nerd cruise January 31- February 8, so we will not be doing the TableTop game auction that week. We will be doing two games the following week instead (which is what we are doing right now because we were in Canada for a week and missed one) so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested.

Fifth and final thing, I swear: On February 11th, Wil and I are participating in an event that our Space Mom/Space-Mom-In-Law is doing called “Krusher Does Krusher.” If you’re in town and would like to see it, Β I think you will enjoy it.

That’s all from me! Have a great week!!


9 thoughts on “Talk About All The Things!

  1. You would, as my spouse is want to say, tell the hanging of your granny! And we are all happy for that fact. Enjoy your stories –

  2. I listened to the podcast this morning while at work (headphones on) and I really enjoyed it. I hope you become a regular on the show or maybe do your own.

  3. On my way to a training in Alhambra I drove by the Pasadena SPCA and it made me think of your dedication to animals! Thanks

  4. Well, if you’re totally bored on Sunday, our boardgame meetup is happening at the Raley’s in El Dorado Hills at 12:30! LoL Have fun with the puppy!!!

  5. “Space-Mom-In-Law” is the best new word for a relative ever. πŸ™‚
    Have fun with all your things and don’t forget to write about them as I love reading about them.

  6. The Geek Out! episode of Tabletop was A-MAZING! We’re going to have to get it for our game nights!

    Wow, have I been missing out on the Sharknado love? Is it hilariously bad? Good Bad?

  7. I am now completely jealous that you get to moderate the Sharknado panel!! THAT’S SO COOL!! Also, I love the Space-Mom/Space-Mon-In-Law reference! πŸ˜€

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