My Heart Belongs to You

It’s Valentine’s Day.  A day that has always felt to me like a made up “holiday”  so greeting card companies and flower and chocolate sales can get their annual boost. But it’s also a day a massacre was named after, so there you go.

I met Wil on New Years’ Eve of 1995 (I wrote that story here about 6 weeks ago. If you missed it,  you can read it here. We spent pretty much all of our free time together for the first 6 weeks after we met, but had never gone on a date just the two of us. I wasn’t about to have Valentine’s Day be the first official date because it felt like too much pressure to give the perfect gift. (For the record, our first official date was February 17th because by that time, the pressure was off.) After surviving our first fake holiday together, we vowed never to get each other anything for Valentine’s Day.

Today, I am breaking that vow. For years, Wil has talked about wanting to get a tattoo. He’s been trying to figure out the one thing that he’ll want with him forever, but also something that’s small in case he can’t handle the pain of getting a tattoo. He finally decided on the one thing he always wants with him. It’s my heartbeat.

Yesterday, I stopped by my doctors’ office and picked up my EKG printout from my recent physical. The receptionist asked if I needed the printout for another doctor. I told her no, it was a gift for my husband. She looked confused, so I explained that I was breaking the “no gifts on Valentine’s Day” rule we have. This year, I’m giving my husband my heart in a totally nerdy way. It’s a gift more valuable than anything in a store, and a gift I know he already loves.




47 thoughts on “My Heart Belongs to You

  1. That is sweet and awesome!

    Wil might want to not get all of those little dots on his tattoo; they look like they would hurt!

  2. I was ok until the “Giving my husband my heart”! Curses! but in a totally non-cursery way…

    1. Oh, and ask the resident techo-brain how to include a linky-dink to previous bloggy blog re: when you first met… 😉

  3. That is just the best thing! Reading both of your blogs and twitters makes me so happy you found each other!

  4. Awwwww…that’s pretty much all I’ve got.

    Unless maybe it’s, “Shaka, when the walls fell.” (Ask Wil.)

  5. I think I see a million copy cats spawning this idea as we type…
    The best form of flattery?
    Brilliant thought – from a country where tattoos are our history and stories of life all combined… Thank you

  6. I saw Wil in Kansas City a few weeks ago and he had the tattoo, and told the story during his panel. It is so amazing and hearing him talk about it was just precious. Hope to see a pic on your blog soon!

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