I Made A Thing!

Back in May, I wrote a three-part blog post series called “Life In Overdrive” where I had been feeling like I wasn’t doing something creative for myself, and so I went on a “me retreat” to figure that out. When I had arrived at this location, they were offering a painting workshop and since I’d always wanted to learn how to paint, I signed up for it. It didn’t turn out to be what I had expected AT ALL. It didn’t teach the skill of painting. It was about finding creative ways of expressing yourself, which at the time felt very hippie voodoo new age what did I get myself into type of thing. But it ended up being an incredible experience that helped me find all kinds of ways of expressing myself. Mainly, just having the confidence to make a thing and not worry about what anyone else thinks of it. Creative freedom is the best way to describe it, I suppose.

Since I had always wanted to learn to paint, I set aside the fear of how to do it and just got supplies and figured it out for myself. I would see things and really want to paint them, and so I did. I know I have SO much to learn but I am loving taking the steps toward doing this thing I’ve always wanted to do. I shared my progress on Twitter and heard from a bunch of people who are either doing their own creative thing and sharing how great they feel doing it, or I hear from people who have also felt like they’ve wanted to do something creative but had been afraid to start. My posts about it here and on social media sparked creativity in people I’ve never met, and now we’re all making a thing that makes us happy. Hooray!

As I started sharing things, I had many requests to sell my artwork which COMPLETELY freaked me out. I was doing this thing for me and didn’t feel like I could charge anyone for a thing I made because I didn’t feel like I had enough experience to suddenly sell what I was making. Seven months later, I finally feel like it’s okay to share it in some unique kind of way, a little at a time and so yesterday, I quietly opened an Etsy shop with one item: a set of 10 blank notecards that have two different digital images of my first watercolor paintings. EEEEP! They are silhouette paintings of trees that I saw at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It’s crazy. They are literally the first and second thing I painted and I’m selling them. YIPES! Even though I shared the paintings on Twitter, it’s kinda scary to make it into a thing that people can own and now that I’ve made it available, the scary feeling has been replaced with excitement. Yay!

If you’d like to see what I did or even order a set for yourself or someone you love, I would be honored if you checked out my tiny store. And as I create more things, I will put them there, possibly freaking out right before I make it public, and then doing a happy dance that I was brave enough to do so.


9 thoughts on “I Made A Thing!

  1. There is so much to love in this post. First, that you took steps that brought you to Making Things. Second, that it made you so happy. Third, that you’re sharing that with us! Thanks for making these cards– I can’t wait to get my set!

  2. That’s so awesome! I’ve been threatening to open an Etsy shop for prints of my work for at least a year, but I haven’t been brave enough. Go you!

    1. DO EEEET. I am not very good at technology but setting up an Etsy store was really easy. Do it for you. It’s a great community of really supportive people!

  3. When I first saw those drawings they were so pretty I fell in love with them and wished you were selling reprints/copies of them. And now you are a fairy godmother as you made my wish come true! I just ordered a set as my Christmas present and really hope you’ll do more with your art. Thank you so much for granting my wish! 😄 Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy and warm holiday season full of love, laughter, family and friends. Mele Kalikimaka 🎄🎄

    1. Hi Anne, I received the box of cards and just LOVE them! An even more wonderful surprise is getting that Christmas card! 😄😄(Remember how you felt meeting Nathan Fillion, that’s how I felt realizing that card was really from you!) THANK YOU so much for your thoughtfulness in taking the time to include that! I am a HUGE fan of Team Wheaton – you guys are awesome! Michele

  4. Hooray, Anne! I’m so happy this worked out for you. Putting yourself out there is scary for anyone, and I’m proud of you for following your heart on this one. *hugs*

    Also, the cards are very pretty. You did well. 🙂

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