Autographed Piggy and Pug Now Available!

In Spring of this year, I set out to promote my first children’s book, Piggy and Pug. My plan was to do some convention appearances for the first few months, take a month off, and then focus on setting up bookstore and library appearances. And then my kitchen surprised us with a leak under the sink, which led to a nightmare black mold situation that put our lives on hold while we had it fixed. The repairs began mid-June, two days after I returned from Denver Comicon, and lasted for eight weeks. EIGHT. WEEKS. I put all plans to do book appearances on hold and instead focused on getting our house fixed. The timing of it also allowed for me to be here to help someone close to me deal with some pretty intense stuff of their own, which ultimately affected my personal physical and mental health a bit, but everything is much better now.

We were able to move everything back into the kitchen about a month ago, but the emotional toll on all the other personal stuff dragged on much longer than I expected. I gave myself permission to just take care of me for a while, knowing my book didn’t have an expiration date and when I was ready, I could get back to promoting it. I know I’m feeling better because I woke up this morning excited to get my book back out there again!

All summer, I had people asking me if they could buy an autographed copy of my book from me online. If you order from, those copies are sent out from a distribution center in Nevada, so those ARE NOT SIGNED by me. But I do have a supply at home so I can offer autographed copies now! I thought it would be nice to do this for the month of October to allow plenty of time for it to arrive if you’re getting it as a gift for someone for the holidays in December.

I love that technology allows me to do something like this. And yes, I will ship anywhere in the world. All you need to do is click the “BUY NOW” button below and place your order!

8 thoughts on “Autographed Piggy and Pug Now Available!

  1. Is there any way to get it personalized? 🙂 (Thank you for offering signed copies online! :))

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