A Day To Remember

Every year as Mother’s Day approaches, I can’t help but feel like it’s a silly “holiday” created by Hallmark to sell cards. But every year on the actual day, my mind fills with memories of all the handmade cards and gifts my kids gave me when they were little and it makes me so happy.

Today, I found an old photo of me, Ryan and Nolan, taken in front of the little duplex I was renting back in 1995. They are 5 and 3 in the photo, and I was 25. I was really struggling to support us back then, but I did everything I could to find fun things to do, and tried to take as many pictures as possible of us with my old 35 mm camera that my parents gave me for my 18th birthday.

We don’t live too far from that duplex, so I thought it would be fun to go back and re-create that photo of us today. It’s been 19 years since that was taken, and I love that the building still looks the same. The 3 of us have all gotten older, the kids are obviously bigger, but standing on that lawn together felt like walking into a time capsule. We lived through some pretty tough times there, but we wouldn’t have the life we have now if we hadn’t lived that life then. I would do it all again in a heartbeat knowing the men those boys have become. Best Mother’sDay, ever.


26 thoughts on “A Day To Remember

  1. This is just too fantastic. I always love seeing “recreated” photos, but having had the opportunity to interact with you on Twitter, to get a sense of who you are, and who your sons are, seeing all of you guys interacting with Wil on the Twitters, it just gives me the warm fuzzies. (Wow, upon rereading that, thank god that didn’t sound too creepy or anything…)

  2. Holy crap that’s a good recreation. With the exception of your hair being styled differently, the details you were able to duplicate is amazing. The looks on their faces, their shirts, the hats, the poses, the arms… Fantastic! Well played Wheaton. More of these in the future please!

  3. Awesome Mother’s Day. You obviously have 2 great sons that have become great men. Parenting is hard, but no matter how hard or how bad things seemed, the love of a strong parent creates great kids.

  4. That’s brilliant! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. We have it on a different date in the UK, so no pamperingfor me yesterday, lol. xxx

  5. You have not changed a bit – still as beautiful as ever. What a great pic. But did you throw your back out picking up your grown son?

  6. This is fantastic… and as an added bonus, I can totally picture the people living there looking out their window wondering what on earth is happening. LOL

  7. Love this. I really l like seeing and doing these photo recreations. Have a few ideas for doing these myself, but have only done one so far, and only partially. On the list to do more for sure. Love how well you managed to recreate the pose!

  8. That is the most adorable picture! I love it! Y’all even have the same looks/smiles on your faces. <3 Thanks for sharing.

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