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For several years, Wil and I have supported a handful of our favorite charities with personal financial donations. Two years ago, we decided to start our own charity foundation to expand our ability to help these charities we love by not only contributing financially, but by doing projects to help them increase their visibility so that others may help them in their own way. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 charity with no administration costs (other than our accountant who files the necessary federal paperwork for it) so the maximum funds available can go directly to help others in need.

Our foundation is technically a private foundation because we are the only ones who have donated into it thus far. Since I am the only one running it, I’ve taken baby steps toward doing more with it. I have used it to fund a rescue pet calendar project, as well as create an informational video for the Pasadena Humane Society, and continue to use it to donate financially to Planned Parenthood, NAMI, ACLU, the Ronald McDonald House in Pasadena, and a few smaller, local charities. I am slowly working my way toward doing some projects with these other charities soon but like I said, baby steps.

People ask me all the time if they can donate directly to our foundation (which I love) but I haven’t set up online access to that yet. I currently have a web designer working on designing a website for our foundation (because I am seriously technology challenged and can’t do it myself) and I’m in the process of setting up a way for it to be made a FOR REALS public charity with the ability to accept donations on our site. It’s going to take a few more weeks for that to get all set up and frankly, I’m tired of sitting on my latest idea so I’m just going to start it now.

When Wil filmed the third season of TableTop over a month ago, the game publishers sent Geek & Sundry a huge supply of the games that were being played on each episode. The crew had every guest from each episode they were on sign the covers of the game they played and Sheri Bryant (President of G & S) saved me a set of these signed games to auction off to support our charity foundation. Woohoo!

So, instead of freaking myself out at trying to do a big auction of 19 games at one time all by myself, I decided it would be better to continue my baby steps and auction off each game AFTER its episode of TableTop airs so that you can see if it’s a game you would like (way too often after a TableTop episode airs, the game company immediately sells out of that game and then it’s hard to find a copy) and if you win the auction, you immediately get the game shipped to you with the added bonus of supporting a charity! HOORAY!!

I am going to be starting my first 3-day auction on eBay on Monday, November 24th and it will end on Wednesday, November 26th with the first game of the new TableTop season, “TOKAIDO.” Well, Wil is going to help me with the auction part because he already has an eBay account and I haven’t figured that stuff out yet. Anyway, here is a picture of the signed copy that I have.



If you haven’t seen the full list of episodes for season 3 with the games that will be played and the guests on each show, I snagged it off Wil’s website so you can peek ahead and prepare yourself for the auction of an upcoming signed game that you may want for yourself or as a gift for someone you love.

  • Tokaido – Jason Wishnov, J. August Richards, Chris Kluwe
  • Concept – Joseph Scrimshaw, Rett and Link
  • Roll For It and Sushi Go! – Jason Ritter, Jennifer Hale, John Ross Bowie
  • Forbidden Desert – Felicia Day, Alan Tudyk, Jon Heder
  • Love Letter and Coup – The Fine Brothers and Felicia Day
  • Hare & Tortoise and Council of Verona – Jessica Merizan, David Kwong, Alison Haislip
  • Sheriff of Nottingham – Meredith Salenger, Ashley Clements, Derek Mio
  • Stone Age – Nika Harper, Jesse Cox, Jordan Maron
  • Geek Out – Anne Wheaton, Bonnie Burton, Clare Kramer
  • Five Tribes: Jenna Busch, Richard Garriot, Satine Phoenix
  • Epic Spell Wars: Jonah Ray, Emily Gordon, Veronica Belmont
  • Mice & Mystics, Chapter One – Anne Wheaton, Ryan Wheaton, Nolan Kopp
  • Dread – Molly Lewis, Ivan Van Norman, Laura Bailey
  • Catan Junior – Emily Anderson, Brett, Baligrad, Adam Chernick
  • Libertalia – Karen Gillan, Seth Green, Clare Grant
  • Kingdom Builder – Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt, Paul Scheer
  • Dead of Winter – Dodger Leigh, Grant Imahara, Ashley Johnson
  • Legendary – Allie Brosh, Mark Fischbach, Brea Grant
  • Tabletop After Dark: Cards Against Humanity – Aisha Tyler, Ali Spagnola, Laina Morris

When Wil and Boyan prepare for filming each season of TableTop, they play test dozens and dozens of games sent to them by publishers to see if the game is fun and will work on camera. Too often there will be a game that is super fun but just won’t work on camera so they don’t use it. When this happens, we donate those games to local community centers and charities who could use them. This season is the first time they have an episode that features kids playing a game. Because of this, we have a bunch of kid-friendly games that are fun but just didn’t make the cut. That supply of games will go to which makes me really happy to be able to do.

Thank you in advance for joining me on this exciting new adventure. Are you ready? I’m ready. This is going to be fun!

Here is the link to the eBay auction page!

11 thoughts on “Play MORE Games!

  1. This is an amazing idea! An auction after each show will keep people interested for quite a while in your charity work as opposed to one big auction of all 19 games. I wish you well in your endeavors!

  2. Firstly, I think this is FANTASTIC! I have always followed Wil’s career because he seemed to do what is right for him. I think having the right partner in you, has allowed him to use his celebrity to bring attention to some awesome causes and hobbies. Our daughter saves a portion of her allowance every week for charitable donations. Hopefully, she will be able to donate to your foundation. Keep making us nerds smile! (P.S. My husband is learning to accept that he is much more of a nerd that he thought he was as well.)

  3. If the auction will still be going on after the episode airs, make sure Wil (or whomever edits the YouTube videos and posts them) puts up a link to the auction at the end of the video and in the About section. That way people who are slavering for the game can easily find the link to it!

    PS: This is an absolutely wonderful idea! And I’m glad to hear you also give away all of the other games as well. That’s one way to get people interested in MORE gaming!

    1. I’m doing each auction Monday through Wednesday 10 days after the episode first airs so there is time for people to watch that episode before the new one airs that Thursday morning after the auction. I’ll be doing that all season!

      1. I know you said you’re not tech savvy, but from an American diplomat in Iraq, where Internet bandwidth is a serious issue, THANK YOU for not having all kinds of bells and whistles on your website, so those of us in far flung regions of the world can still enjoy it, and learn about all the fabulous work you and Wil do. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Will it be possible to open the auction up to those of us outside of the U.S. who would like to contribute on future auctions?

  5. This is amazing, what a wonderful idea Wheatons! I look forward to bidding and sharing this information. I think what you’re doing is really great Anne, and there is nothing wrong with baby-steps. I have a plan of my own that takes the same sorts of baby steps. Every little part helps. Cheers!

  6. This is really great news. I’m a backer for season 3 and I was hoping to arrange for something similar. I ended up backing at multiple levels and have an extra signed game. I tried to work with the team managing Wil’s campaign to take the extra game and donate it for an auction to support a charity. I’m wondering if you would be willing to take my extra game and auction it as part of your effort here. Please let me know.

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